Three police officers were killed and at least eight people were injured in an explosion caused by the detonation of a suicide bomb in a house suspected to have been an ISIS safehouse.

Three police officers have been killed and at least eight people, among them four Syrian nationals have been injured in an explosion in Gazianstep during a police raid on a house suspected to have served as a safehouse to members of ISIS. The police came upon the residential building after following a vehicle believed to have carried explosives to it. Security forces presumed that four Syrian nationals have been inside the building at the time of the raid.

The police had noticed the vehicle that led them to the suspected ISIS safehouse during an investigation of a tip-off, which stated that a possible suicide bomb attack was to be carried out at the Alawite Cultural Center in Gazianstep.

In a related story, Turkish police have detained 25 suspects on the suspicion of carrying out militia and terror activities after security forces executed several simultaneous operations throughout Turkey.

The country has recently experienced a spate of suicide bombings and various other terrorist attacks with the perpetrators behind the assaults being suspected of belonging to the the terrorist organization ISIS.

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