Motorcycle bomb exploded next to the police station in the neighborhood of Yenibosna in the European part of Istanbul, Turkey. The accident happened neat the largest international airport in the city. Many people are injuries during the several explosions and further panic. According to the information from the local officials, one person was seriously injured, which another five are slightly. A lot of ambulances were dispatched at the scene of the accident, who hospitalized the injured people.

Windows of the buildings in vicinity are broken, as well as several vehicles were damaged. Region is scene of investigation, as bomb disposal and fire crews were sent. Security forces evacuated the area and inspect for more explosives.

“The explosion was very violent. The police are evacuating the area against the possibility to have another bomb. The ambulance is coming”, said eyewitnesser of the terrorist attack.

The local authorities started investigation, but not yet determined the responsible for the explosion.

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