Explosion in Southern Thailand killed one and injured at least 19 people, including five children. The explosion occurred at a night market in city of Pattani, where Muslim separatists have been waging an insurgency for more than a decade. According to initial data all victims of the terrorism attack are nationals of Thailand and there are no injured foreign tourists. All the injured people were taken to the local hospital for medical treatment and the scene of the terrorism attack was separated by the local police.

“The bomb was placed near a noodle stall and the explosion killed one woman. We are currently investigating and securing the site”, said a police officer investigating the attack, Pakpoom Jantarangsee.

Police suspect that the explosion was prepared by a separatist organization operating in the three predominantly Muslim provinces bordering with Malaysia, which is also called “the deep South” of the country. Still none terrorist group took responsibility for the attack.

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