ISIS affiliates have been arrested by the Interior Ministry’s intelligence officers in Eastern Nangarhar province, while at least 34 loyalists of the terrorist group were killed in separate airstrikes in the province.

According to security authorities, the airstrikes were conducted in different parts of the Nangarhar province, including Nazian and Haska Mina districts. The officials did not reveal further information about the arrest of the ISIS recruiter, but they added that at least 31 of the militants were killed in Haroon Baba area of Haska Mina district.

They further noted that 3 others were killed in a separate airstrike in Nazian district. This comes as at least 9 loyalists of the terror group were killed in a similar airstrike in Achin district on Friday. Nangarhar is among the relatively volatile provinces in Eastern Afghanistan where both the Taliban insurgents and militants loyal to ISIS terrorist group are actively operating. Both the Afghan forces and the US forces in Afghanistan are conducting regular raids against the Taliban insurgents and ISIS loyalist in the districts where they are conducting insurgency activities.

The US forces increased airstrikes against the Taliban insurgents and ISIS loyalists earlier this year after the Obama administration granted a broader role to the American forces.

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