A massacre of a Christian community near Warsak Dam, Peshawar was prevented by alert security forces, in what is being called a ‘first’ for a Christian community in Pakistan

A Christian community located near the Warsak Dam on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border came under attack in the early hours of the day. The community, which consists of about 30 families, was comprised of houses, a small school and a church.

Four suicide bombers from Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, a faction of the Pakistani Taliban, infiltrated the community from inside Afghanistan storming the church at 6 am in an attempt to assassinate all Christian worshipers.Because of the early hour, only the security guard was present, but he was able to hold off the attackers and call Pakistani security agencies until his ammunition ran out and he was killed by the terrorists.

After killing the security guard at the empty church, they decided to blow themselves up inside individual Christian homes.However, by then they were met by security officials who had been called by the security guard before he was killed. Two of the bombers were killed by security officials while two others blew themselves up. None of the members of the community have been harmed.

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