ISIS Militants have arrested seven women in Syria’s northeastern Raqqa province.

The ISIS-led Hisba Police raided a number of houses in the Rumela district of Raqqa and arrested more than 10 civilians. The women, who were detained on suspicions of leaking security information about the group’s movements in Raqqa to the US-led coalition that has been bombing ISIS positions across Syria and Iraq for over two years., were publicly flogged by ISIS militants as local media activist Aiman al-Issawi reports:

“Among the arrestees were seven women, who were flogged in front of hundreds of people in central Raqqa on Thursday evening, after the Sharia Court accused them of cooperating with the US-led coalition and rival groups”

 al-Issawi added that:

“At least four other civilians were detained by ISIS militants, but the group has not yet revealed what their charges were.”

The extremist group has recently arrested and beheaded dozens of civilians under the pretext that they have cooperated with coalition forces against the ISIS self-declared Caliphate, ARA News reported.

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