A 15-year old boy was arrested on Saturday for preparing a “violent action” in Paris, France and is suspected to have a direct link with Rashid Kassim, a 29-year old French citizen fighting for ISIS in Syria.

According to anonymous sourcesan attack in a train station was to be executed in the near future. The suspect, a 15-year old boy has been arrested and put under house arrest and surveillance. Reuters cites two judicial sources that claim a direct link between the boy and Rashid Kassim, a French citizen fighting for ISIS in Syria. The method of communication that was being used to send encrypted messages calling for attacks in France was the Telegram.

Kassim was also in contact with Ornella G. who was placed under investigation on Saturday in connection with a planned attack against the Notre Dame Church. The woman was planning to go to Syria, but was arrested with her boyfriend in southern France last week.

Finally, Kassim has been linked to an attack by two 19-years old men against a church in Normandy who shocked France by beheading a small-community elderly priest and seriously wounded a nun in July.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said that police had arrested 293 people in 2016, all of whom had established links to terrorist networks.

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