Royal Metropolitan Police of Thailand discover 12 fake passports meant for terrorist groups in the house of three arrested Pakistani citizens. Investigation leads them to Pakistani fake documents racketeer currently serving sentence in jail.

Earlier today, the Royal Metropolitan Police of Thailand have discovered 12 fake passports for countries such as USA, France, the UK and Belgium as well as large quantities of chemicals among them sulphuric acid, acetone, calcium carbide, concentrated nitric acid and potassium chloride, all presumed to be used for the preparation of explosives.

Police discovered all of the mentioned items as well a body hidden in a freezer after searching the house the three arrested citizens from Pakistan lived in. The civilians were arrested after Police received a tip off that the three suspects were involved in criminal activities.

Further investigation into the matter revealed that the arrestees have received the false passports from a fellow Pakistani citizen who is currently serving a sentence in jail in Thailand. The name of this person is Babu Rafiq alias Abdul Kanni who was arrested last April on accusation of providing fake passports for international criminals and terrorist organisations among them al-Qaeda  for more than two decades.

This is not the first time that citizens of Pakistan have been arrested for suppling false passports in Thailand. In 2014 the police arrested two Pakistani men – Shahzad Wazeer Butt and Khawaja Rizwen Haleem on accusation of fake passport racketing. Further in 2012 two Pakistani and a Thai woman were arrested for suppling false passports for groups linked to al-Qaeda.

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