Austrian prosecutors charged a Moroccan and an Algerian of intent to participate in the attack in Paris on November 13, which killed 130 people, The Local writes in its Austrian edition.

Prosecutors in Salzburg said the unnamed couple, 26 and 40 years old, are alleged accomplices of the Islamic state cell, which coordinated attack.

The men were arrested in a refugee center in Salzburg on December 18 on suspicion of membership in the group and are accused of involvement in a terrorist organization.

It is believed that both have provided logistical support and information to establish contacts to two other suspected members of the Paris cell – 29-year-old Algerian Abdel Haddad and Muhammad Usman, 35-year-old Pakistani.

Investigators believe that Haddad and Usman arrived on the Greek island of Lesbos on October 3, on the same boat on which were two of the attackers of 13 November. These two, who are believed to be Iraqis exploded in front of the Stade de France in one of the attacks, of 10 jihadists in the French capital.

Haddad and Usman were arrested by the Greek authorities for 25 days because they had forged Syrian passport.

After being released, they have followed the migrant flow and have come to Austria a few days after the attack in Paris.

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