Alerts on bombs on two aircraft were received at the airport “Zaventem” in Brussels, reported public broadcaster VRT, quoted by Reuters. Later AFP reported that the alarm was false.

Both international flights landed without a problem last night and the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office said that there were no bombs on their boards.

Authorities did not report the origin of the threats but explained that it concerned two flights of Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) from Oslo and Stockholm.

Authorities started investigating the possible threat. A spokesman for the prosecutor’s office refused to specify what other threat there is. A source of the airport, quoted by AFP, said that they have been taken all precautions at the terminal of “Zaventem” attacked in March by Daesh terrorists.

Belgian journalist who was on board of the flight from Oslo told the social networks that the pilot received alert 20 minutes before landing. Passengers were informed of the threat and had to wait 10 minutes before being allowed to leave the plane after its landing.

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