Pakistani government helicopter crashed in Afghanistan on а territory controlled by the Taliban, according to Pakistani news agency DAWN.

All crew members were taken hostage, before the rebels set the helicopter on fire.

The transport helicopter Mi-17 belonging to the government of Punjab was flying from Peshawar in northwest Pakistan to Uzbekistan for repairment but landed in the Logar province, near the Afghan-Pakistani border. From the Embassy of Pakistan said that they know nothing about the fate of those on board and why they made and emergency landing.

“Those detained by the Taliban are Pakistanis. The chopper was not shot but made the landing because of technical failure,” said Sameem Saleh, spokesman for the governor of Logar city.

Nafees Zakaria, spokesman for the Pakistani foreign office said that“the Afghan authorities have assured they will investigate and learn about the whereabouts of the helicopter and the passengers.”

Yesterday, the Taliban attacked a group or foreign tourists in Afganistan, killing 10 and injuring at least 5 in the process.

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