Suicide bomber blew himself near the army checkpoint south of Baghdad. There are injured civilians and militants, but their number cannot be determined yet. According to the officials, there might have casualties, as nearby the terrorist attack were some civil cars. The suicide bomber was wearing an explosive belt and reached the army checkpoint by car, but was stopped due to suspicious behavior. He left the car and blew himself before the militants to be able to shot him. Following the explosion, the nearby cars and some militants were injures.

“The suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt blew himself up targeting a checkpoint of Army in Latifiya, south of Baghdad”, said officials. “There is report about a number of deaths and injuries, which still cannot be determined”, added he.

The army and militants cut off the region of the suicide bombing attack. They started investigation and will try to determine what is the affiliation of the terrorist.

No terrorist group claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing yet.

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