The group Islamic State announced that its spokesman and strategist Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, who is a Syrian citizen, was killed in the Syrian city of Aleppo, reported world news agencies.

Al-Adnani became famous for his appeals to supporters of the Islamic State switch to action in their home countries, using any weapon they came to hand – knives, stones or cars.

Supporters of the Islamic state were summoned by al-Adnani to attack citizens of the countries in the anti-Islamic State coalition led by the United States. This appeal has inspired a series of attacks in Europe.

The news of al-Adnani’s  death reported the close to the Islamic State Agency Amak.

Abu Muhammad al-Adnani was killed in the province of Aleppo. The Pentagon said an air strike was carried out against Adnani in the town of al-Bab and the results are being checked.

In recent weeks fighting around the city escalated. The rebels broke the siege of the government forces and Syrian and Russian warplanes bombed areas controlled by the rebels.

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