А мan with а machete, screaming “Allah is great” in Arabic, has wounded on Saturday, August, 6 two police officers in the Belgian city of Charleroi, reported the website of TV “Euronews”. The attacker was neutralized, reported “Reuters”.

The lives of the two injured women from the police in Charleroi are out of danger. The more seriously injured one is with deep wounds on the face. Her colleague is with minor injuries.

Belgian justice has launched an investigation into the attack. The investigation is for attempted murder with terrorist motives, which means that the authorities see the attack as a terrorist act, announced yesterday the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, quoted by world news agencies.

Later the organization Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, reported AFP, citing agency AMAK, the propaganda organ of the terrorist organization.

The attacker of Charleroi is one of our fighters. He performed this operation in response to the calls to attack the population of the countries of the coalition of the crusaders, wrote AMAK.

The attacker was identified as Algerian citizen, age 33 years. He was known to the police for minor crimes but not for terrorism, reported world news agencies, citing the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office.

It said the attacker had been identified, but presented it only as a person named K.B. He was residing in Belgium since 2012. In connection with the attack had already been made two raids on the outskirts of Charleroi.

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