Special Forces of the German police arrested on Wednesday in the town Eisenhüttenstadt (province Brandenburg) a 27-year-old man who is suspected of planning a terrorist act, transmitted TASS. This was reported by the newspaper Der Tagesspiegel on its website.

According to preliminary data, a German, converted to Islam, was going to prepare a blast during the holiday, which is traditionally held in Eisenhüttenstadt 26 to 28 August. He prepared to detonate improvised explosive device.

Prime Minister of the province Brandenburg, Dietmar Woidke confirmed the media reports for the detention of a suspect in the preparation of a terrorist act in the city Eisenhüttenstadt, transmits RIA Novosti.

The police suspect the man was “planning an act of terrorism” and he might be linked to Islamic extremism, said Woidke.

City holiday in Eisenhüttenstadt is scheduled for August 26 to 28. In the town, located near the Polish border in the province of Brandenburg, live 30 thousand people. In Eisenhüttenstadt is the central point for the accommodation of refugees in Brandenburg.

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