French citizen fatally stabbed with a knife a 21-year-old British woman and wounded two men in the Australian state of Queensland, shouting “God is great!” in Arabic, said local police. He uttered the same words while he was arrested, officials said.

So far, there’s no evidence that the 29-year-old suspect belongs to “Islamic state” and probably he acted alone, said Deputy Commissioner of the State Police Steve Gollschewski.

He added that the investigation is trying to determine whether the crime has extremist motives or other motives – political or criminal or the perpetrator had been drugged or with a mental disorder. According to the senior officer, the police is for now working on version murder, not a terrorist act.

The attack happened on the night of Wednesday in a hostel in a town south of Townsville in northern Queensland. The British woman was found dead at the scene, a 30-year-old Briton was taken to hospital in serious condition. A local man received medical care for the injuries and was discharged.

In the attack was also killed one dog.

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