Citizen of the United Kingdom recognized an Islamic State executioner from a propaganda video of jihadists as his 13-year-old son, announced “The Independent.”

The child’s mother is Sally Jones, one of the most wanted terrorists in the world.

The man recounted that the boy that shot with a gun captured Kurds, is his son Joe Joe. He and Sally – a former participant in a rock band the British separated shortly after the child’s birth in 2004.

After a while his ex-wife under the influence of the 20-year-old immigrant Junaid Hussain converted to Islam, married him and went with the child to Syria. There they joined the Islamic State.

“He was brilliant, just a normal boy – always chasing bugs, going down the park. I have had to block it out. It’s been hard, we just have to carry on. It’s disgusting he’s been brainwashed,” the father of the child jihadist told the edition.

Jones has changed her name to Umm Hussain Birtaniya or  The white widow. She is one of the world’s most wanted terrorists, connected to Islamic State attacks carried out in Britain.

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