At least 10 fighters from the Libyan pro-government forces were killed on Thursday, August 18, in two suicide car bombings carried out by the jihadist group Islamic State in the town of Sirte, AFP reported.

The two attacks in which 20 people were injured, were carried out in an area west of Sirte, which over a month is controlled by the Libyan government, told AFP Rida Issa, spokesman for the press office of the pro-government forces.

The attack happened near a transceiver hub for food and ammunition for the armed forces.

The forces of the Libyan government of national unity, which launched on 12 May offensive Conquest of Sirte – the main bastion of the Islamic State in Libya – said on Tuesday that they had overtaken the second area – one of the last sectors of the city under the control of the group.

The press office of pro-government forces announced on Thursday that in an operation in the first district were killed three enemy fighters, DPA reported. Islamists are now surrounded by loyal government forces in the First and Third area and their only escape route, as it seems, is by sea.

It became clear that last week was arrested a most wanted Arab terrorists, along with 20 of his associates. It is the 47-year-old Tunisian, Abu Nassim, a local leader of the Islamic State, reported the Italian news agency ANSA, citing Libyan newspaper “Libya Herald.”

His group carried out an attack in the Tunisian city of Ben Gardane in March this year when 38 people were killed in a clash between militants and government troops.

Nassim led the headquarters of the Islamic State in the city of Sabra and previously dealt with recruiting jihadists in Milan before being banished from Italy in 2012, the Tunisian authorities have not yet officially confirmed the arrest of Nassim.


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