The main purpose of this blog is to write, read and learn more about terrorism from the very beginning of its history since our days. The posts will be professional written but sometimes the accent will be on the funny side of the stories. We will try to offer you the very best selection of the most significant terrorism acts back in the history and those from now a day, sort them and expose thoughts about why this happened, who did it and how it affected the world history.

What is terrorism? The United Nations never came to understanding and common definition of what is terrorism exactly. One of definitions of US terrorism expert Walter Clark is that terrorism is violent and threat of violent.

The word terrorism itself is coming from the latin – “terrere” meaning – to make someone to tremble, or fear, horror. Those who suffer from terror acts can be high government persons, people who serve to governments or just common people. Acts of terror can be positive or negative depending just on the point of view. Someone who is only a terrorist for one side is considered as a freedom fighter for the other side in the conflict. Terrorism in our days can be sometimes the only instrument of weak people to fight against the government, police and army. The acts of terrorism aim the spirit and in this way of speaking terrorism is the most violent form of psychological war which goes far behind the physical results. Means of terrorism often are so unpretendingly ridiculous that there is only just a hope to create and achieve same power that government has. So terrorism is just an instrument or a technic which is as old as war are. Terrorism is a political phenomenon which can be defined in the light of contrast between the ideals and there applying. Like every political phenomenon, the terrorism can exist only in concrete historical and cultural context.

There are different forms of terrorism: Government terrorism, political terrorism, social terrorism, left terrorism, right terrorism, Nationalistic terrorism, Religion terrorism, Criminal terrorism and pathologic terrorism

Using of terror like a method of government is usual thing from the very beginning of human history.  In the Bible, Old Testimony has been mentioned Lamech and Nimrod and terror that they practice on the other people.

First civilized empire in human’s history in Mesopotamian valley was run by terror and fears by Sargon of Akkad also known as Sargon the Great.

Xerxes I of Persia (meaning “Ruling over heroes”)  ruled from 486 BC until his assassination in 465 BC by the hands of Artabanus, the commander of the royal bodyguards. Xerxes ruled his huge kingdom and millions of people with terror and fear. The executions have been daily rounds and the cause of them was insignificant. Just one example is the entreaty of one of his generals to return his son back to Persia. Xerxes ordered his son to be separated on two parts and the army passed between them.

The Roman Republic accepted as a state law so called “Terrere Cimbricus” during 105 B.C. when Cimbri tribe together with their allays Teutones and the Ambrones  was just about to attack Rome.

Government with terror was brought in the modern world by French revolution. Different fractions was using terror to keep common people in fear and obedient. Also they use it to solving their problems with other political fractions and parties.  During Jacobin government known as “La Grande Terreur” or the big terror only from 10.06.1794 to 27.07.1794, 35 000 to 40 000 French people has been executed. Most of them were peasants – 85%, priests – 8.5% and only 6.5% noblemen. Reign of terror finished with the arrest and execution of Robespierre and his people arranged by members of parliament and other people who was afraid that they will be next victims of the terror.

Other examples that world will never forget are Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

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