Todor Aleksandrov

This week ,We present you Todor Aleksandrov the organizer of the donkey terorrist attacks and other terrorist acts against Ottoman Empire.

Todor Alexandrov is a legendary Bulgarian revolutionary and fighter for the liberation of the enslaved Bulgarians in Macedonia from the Ottoman Empire. He stands at the head of the first terrorist organization in Europe – IMRO, from whose organization and actions all other terrorists of the 20th century have taught . We could fairly say that he was the ideologist of modern terrorism for achieving political goals and national ideals! After the assasination of Gotse Delchev, leader of the Bulgarian revolutionary organization in Macedonia by the Turks at the head of IMRO stands Todor Alexandrov and Bulgarians in the Ottoman Empire enslaved and subjected to terrible massacres and Muslim terror for 500 years finally respond to terror with terror!

Todor Aleksandrov and his family

Todor Alexandrov was born on March 4, 1881 in Stip. His father was a teacher. In 1895 he entered the Bulgarian Pedagogical School in Skopje, which ends in 1898 with honors. In Skopje, 16 years old is included in the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization dedicated by the school Hristo Matev.

On 27 March 1903 Todor Alexandrov was arrested by Turkish authorities and sentenced to five years in prison by an extraordinary court in Skopje. After 13 months, April 1904 was released thanks to the amnesty obtain from the Bulgarian government for Bulgarian political prisoners from Macedonia and Adrianopol.

After being elected as a district leader of the organization He felt the attempts for occupation of Macedonia by Serbia and fought in defense of the Bulgarian national interests.

Under his direct management were organized and carried out the donkey terrorist attacks in Stip (November 1911) and Kocani (August 1912), Which is one of the reasons for the outbreak of the Balkan War in 1912.

During the Balkan war in which IMRO fully supports the Bulgarian army and the troops of the Bulgarian allies -Serbia, Greece and Montenegro in their joint fight against the Ottoman Empire, Todor Alexandrov headed the detachment №52 of macedonian volunteers.

Todor Aleksandrov and his volunteers

Todor Aleksandrov was bearered with medal “For Military Merit.” With the deterioration of relations between the Balkan allies and strengthening of Serbian and Greek terror over the Bulgarian population in Macedonia in 1913 along with his associates Todor Alexandrov organize sending detachments in Macedonia. With this actions he provoked second Balkan War.

During the first World War is mobilized and participated in regular Bulgarian Army.

After the end of World War I in 1919. Alexandrov with General Alexander Protogerov, Peter Chaulev, Kosta Tsipushev restores IMRO. In an extremely difficult environment of infighting and despair Todor Alexandrov managed to restore the structures of the organization and rises as its leader with great authority among refugees in Bulgaria and the population in Vardar Macedonia. The main goal of the organization is the union of the parts of Macedonia in an autonomous and long-term and independent entity as the only way to preserve the bulgarian spirit of the people.

Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, shall be adopted as a betrayal of IMRO and lead to political and even armed conflict between the government and the organization of Alexandrov. On November 4 Protogerov and Alexandrov were arrested together with Members of the Parliament, newspaper editors and others as culprits for the war. First Alexandrov and later Protogerov using chieftain Mihail Radev managed to escape from prison.

In 1923 IMRO of Todor Alexandrov supports the coup of 9 June. In their struggle against Serbian and Greek authorities in Macedonia Todor Alexandrov uses a variety of political and military means, seek other allies. In June 1920 he issued a circular calling on the Macedonian population to vote for the comunist candidates in the upcoming in November 1920 elections for the Legislative Assembly of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.

Monument of Todor Aleksandrov in Bulgaria

August 31, 1924 in the locality of Flat beech near the village Sugarevo Pirin Todor Alexandrov was killed. Although natural killers are punished very soon IMRO still have no clear answerof the question who is the true instigator of the murder of Todor Alexandrov.

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